Our Services.

A Safer Internet

We will show you how to protect your entire house or office from those sites run by scam artists, hackers and of course the inappropriate sites. With this free service you can protect a single computer, multiple computers, even the popular gaming consoles and handheld devices you didn't even think were an issue. We will help you redirect your home or office to a safer, quicker, Internet.

Cure Infected Computers

Is your computer protected from Virus Attacks? What about Spyware, Malware and Adware? Those malicious programs running silently in the background are slowing down your computer and stealing your information. We will help you run diagnostic utilizes that will detect current infections, improve your computers performance, and protect you from future attacks.

Automatic Data Backup

Do you store important files and pictures on your computer? What if your computer crashed or you were the victim of a flood or fire? Would those files be lost forever? Use the same technology fortune 500 companies have been using for years and have your files automatically secured at an off-site data center for a fraction of the cost.


Network Deputy specializes in residential and small business consulting. Whether you have a single device or hundreds, Network Deputy can help guide you in the right direction. Find out more about our Free Residental Consulting Services.

Remote Access

To cut down on costs Network Deputy can remotely connect to your computer and configure everything you need without stepping foot in your home or office. If that's not cool enough we can also show YOU how to use these tools to access your home or office computers from anywhere. Let us show you how easy it is to access your files no matter where you are.


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